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Project closure: fleet disposal options

Handover, disposal, sale, donation

For details on the asset disposal process, refer to the Asset disposal section.

Vehicle Rental Programme-owned vehicles may only be disposed of following approval and instruction from the regional fleet coordinator or IFRC fleet base. When the vehicle’s disposal has been approved, the IFRC fleet management team will provide an asset disposal form.

Additional requirements when disposing of vehicles may include:

  • Donor requirements must be fulfilled, including the approval to dispose of the vehicle, generator or handling equipment.
  • All radio equipment and visibility items (stickers, paintings and other markings) must be removed from the vehicle prior to its disposal.
  • License plates must be removed from the vehicle, and its buyer or receiver must source new plates by following the registration process.
  • No vehicle may be sold to military, paramilitary or state-affiliated organisations.
  • The disposal of vehicles by sale, donation or scrapping is usually strictly controlled by local authorities, and the procedures to follow will vary depending on the importation status of the vehicle (see the Vehicle registration process section of Vehicle usage for more details).
  • A vehicle handover form and a certificate of de-registration must be completed, in addition to a transferral or cancellation of the insurance policy (and a donation certificate where applicable).
  • All documentation relating to the donation or sale of the vehicle must be kept in its file.

Vehicles that have reached their end of life in IFRC criteria should not be sold or donated to a National Society.

Type of vehicleDistance to end of lifeAge to end of life
Light vehiclesMore than 125,000km5 years
Heavy goods vehiclesMore than 300,000kmNo age limit

Vehicle disposal checklist

Where the vehicles are donated, the donation process detailed in the Donating an asset to other organisations section of Asset donations should be followed.

Where the asset disposal form suggests the sale of vehicles, step-by-step guidelines for the sale of vehicles by competitive bidding should be followed, using the templates provided for publication of the invitation to bid, the provision of bids and for the contract of sale and bill of sale.

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