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The RLU stock management

As detailed in their stock pre-positioning strategy, the IFRC currently holds stock in a number of different locations using Regional Logistics Units (RLUs). The IFRC also allows PNS to use warehouses they run to pre-position stocks (see the stock Stock positioning section of Definitions and concepts).

British Red Cross stores items in these IFRC-run Non-Food Items (NFI) warehouses to respond to multi-lateral responses and for use within British Red Cross programmes and partnerships.

Stocks are also sometimes loaned to other NS. As part of this pre-positioning mechanism, and based on an annually reviewed agreement, the BRC currently holds stock in the following places, managed by the IFRC:

  • Panama (Americas region)
  • Kuala Lumpur (Asia region)
  • Dubai (Middle East and North Africa region)
  • Zimbabwe (East and Southern Africa region).

Each warehouse is managed by IFRC staff and follows IFRC standard operating procedures for its management, layout, access, staffing and procedures.

For more details about the procedures that apply to the maintenance, replenishment and deployment of the stock held in the RLUs, refer to the RLU SOP and to the RLU chapter of this manual.

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