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What’s covered in this chapter?


Definitions and concepts

The principles that drive procurement activities.

Learn more in the Definitions and concepts section.

Risk management

How to manage risk in procurement activities.

Learn more in the Risk management section.

When to procure

How to plan for effective procurement, monitor progress, evaluate and report on procurement.

Learn more in the Planning procurement section.

Why to procure

When required goods or services are unavailable to the organisation internally, they need to be sourced from third parties.

Learn more in the Sourcing for procurement section.

What to procure

How to select the best possible supplies to procure, delivering quality and value for money. How to procure items with special requirements.

Learn more in the Procurement of special items and services section.

How to procure

Procurement processes and procedures used at the British Red Cross and procurement resources within the Red Cross Movement, and how to use them.

Learn more in the Planning resources, Procurement processes, Sourcing and Managing procurement sections.

Who should procure

The stakeholders involved in procurement processes, roles and responsibilities.

Learn more in the Definitions and concepts and Planning resources for procurement sections.

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