In this chapter, “fleet” will be used as a generic term for any piece of equipment fitted with an engine, including vehicles, motorcycles and power generators.

Types of vehicles

This chapter will cover the use of passenger vehicles and cargo vehicles equipped with engines, as well as utility vehicles.

Light fleet all vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes, including passenger cars, pick-up trucks, small trucks, minibuses up to 16-seaters.

Passenger vehicles – buses with over 16-passenger capacity.

Heavy duty trucks – buses with over 16-passenger capacity.

Construction and mechanical handling equipment – including tractors, forklifts, diggers.

Motorcycles – two-wheeled or three-wheeled motorised vehicles.

Types of generators

Where power is not available through a publicly maintained network, generators may be necessary as a temporary or permanent source of power. A variety of generators are available, which can make the selection process complicated.

A generator is generally composed of an electrical generator (the alternator) and an engine (or prime mover), in a single piece of equipment.

For more details on types of generators and how to use them, see the Power supply section of Defining fleet needs.

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